• ConCert Scores Available Online

    If you are currently certified, or if you are a former diplomate regaining certification by making up missed requirements, you can see your 2013 ConCertTM score by signing in to MOC Online using your ABEM user ID and password.  When you reach your MOC Online Personal Page, click the orange button labeled ‘View Your ABEM MOC Requirements and Status.’  If you passed the exam, the ConCertTM requirement and status grid will show that you have met the requirement.  Click on the green ‘ConCert Examination’ action button within the ConCertTM requirement grid.  You can select ‘View Examination Score History’ to see your numeric score. 

    While you are in your Requirements and Status page, view your other current MOC requirements to make sure they have been met.  If your certificate expires in 2013, you must have met all your MOC requirements by the end of 2013 to renew your certification. 

    The ConCertTM scores will be mailed to you on Friday, November 1, 2013.  This is the official release date for the exam results.  The packet will include a letter confirming that you passed or did not pass the examination and outlining your next steps to maintain or regain certification.  You will also receive your score report, the keyword report, and exam FAQs.

    Note to credentialers: 2013 is the first year in which currently certified physicians do not automatically renew certification by passing the ConCertTM exam.  At the end of the year in which their certificate expires, physicians receive new certification dates if they have met all of their ABEM Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements.  This means that physicians can pass the ConCertTM exam and still lose certification when their current certificate expires.  Starting January 15, 2014, ABEM will be able to verify certification dates for physicians whose current certification ends in 2013.

    Previously certified physicians (former diplomates) who met a portion of their ABEM MOC requirements while they were certified can regain certification by making up missed requirements.  For those physicians, ABEM issues a new certification date as soon as all missed requirements have been met.  For some, passing the ConCertTM exam was the final requirement they needed to meet, and therefore they have new certification dates.  ABEM can verify these physicians’ certification status beginning November 15, 2013.

    ABEM does not verify examination pass/fail information to anyone other than the physician who took the ConCertTM exam without a signed release from the physician.