• Who is ABEM Certified?

    Effective January 1, 2015, the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) began recognizing physicians as “board eligible” for five years after they complete an Emergency Medicine residency training program. Physicians who have open certification applications on file with ABEM and those who graduated from Emergency Medicine residency training, but do not have open applications as of that date will also be designated as board eligible if their medical licensure status complies with ABEM policy.

    Additional information about board eligibility can be found here. Please also see the FAQs on Board Eligibility and the ABEM Policy on Board Eligibility for more detailed information.

    The certification process consists of two examinations, the Qualifying Examination and an Oral Certification Examination. A physician must pass the Qualifying Examination in order to be scheduled for an Oral Certification Examination. A physician must pass both examinations to become certified as an ABEM diplomate. Certification is for a period of ten years. Certificates are dated from the date of the examination results letter or December 31 of the year in which the physician took the examination, whichever is earlier, through December 31 ten years hence.

    In order to maintain ABEM certification beyond the dates of the certificate, ABEM diplomates must participate in ABEM MOC, a program for continuous certification. For more information about meeting ABEM MOC, please click here.

    Verification of a Physician's Status with ABEM

    ABEM will verify whether a physician is an ABEM diplomate. ABEM will also provide information on a physician’s status within the credentialing or examination process if the request includes a signed release from the physician.

    Written Verification of Board Status

    Requests for written verification of a physician’s status must be submitted in writing, accompanied by a $25.00 processing fee for each physician and verification letter requested. Requests submitted by and mailed directly to the applicant, candidate, or diplomate are not subject to the fee.

    Requests should include the physician’s date of birth or last four digits of the social security number for identification purposes.

    Payment may be made with a check, or by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. ABEM will accept faxed or emailed requests only if the completed Credit Card Authorization form is included. ABEM cannot fax or email verification letters to the requestor. All verification letters are sent by first-class mail.

    Verbal Verification of Board Status

    ABEM will provide verbal verification of a diplomate's status over the telephone for no charge. ABEM can confirm if a physician is certified by ABEM, the dates of certification and certificate number. Callers must provide the physician’s date of birth or last four digits of the social security number at the time of the verification request. Contact ABEM by calling 517.332.4800, extension 381. If you leave a voicemail message, please spell the physician’s entire name and provide one of the identifiers above.

    Online Verification of Board Status

    Certification Matters,TM a website of the American Board of Medical Specialties’ (ABMS), allows visitors to search by physician name, location, and specialty to see whether he or she is certified by an ABMS Member Board or meeting MOC requirements. ABEM diplomates are included in this listing. Access the Certification MattersTM website and fill in the search criteria. You must register on the site to use this search service. For more information about meeting ABEM MOC requirements, please click here.

    ABEM provides updated information to the ABMS at specific times throughout the year. For this reason, it is possible that for short periods of time the information on the Certification MattersTM website may not be current. If you are unable to locate a physician using the ABMS website, we suggest that you contact ABEM directly.

    For more information on verification of Board status, please see the Policy on Disclosure of Information on Diplomates.