• PQRS MOC Additional Incentive Payment

    ABEM has been approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to participate in the 2013 PQRS MOC Additional Incentive Program. Participating diplomates are eligible to receive 0.5% reimbursement for 2013 Medicare billings. The ABEM MOC “more frequently” activities that need to be successfully completed* in 2013 are the same as in 2012, namely:

    • One ABEM LLSA test completed in 2013
    • One practice improvement (PI) activity (the activity does not have to focus on PQRS measures)
    • One patient experience of care survey that follows ABEM guidelines for communications / professionalism (CP) activities

    According to the CMS:

    • Only ABEM MOC activities completed on ABEM MOC Online will count toward meeting these requirements
    • No other ABEM MOC activities, such as the ConCertTM examination, can be used to meet the PQRS “more frequently” requirements

    * Activities must be completed on the ABEM “MOC Online” website, by midnight Eastern Standard Time on December 31, 2013, to count as fulfilling PQRS requirements.

    The registration period for the 2013 additional incentive ends at midnight, Eastern Standard Time, on March 10, 2014.

    Over 3,000 ABEM diplomates participated in the program in 2012, and will receive an additional 0.5% reimbursement on their Medicare billings if the CMS determines that they have met their basic PQRS reporting requirements.

    For More Information

    • See "Increased Medicare Reimbursement in 5 Easy Steps"
    • Read the FAQs on the 2013 PQRS MOC Program
    • ABEM hosted a webinar in 2012 to assist you with the process. Click here to access the webinar.
    • ABEM will be hosting another webinar on Wednesday, September 25. Additional information will be posted on the ABEM website as it becomes available.
    • Visit the ACEP website (search MOC PQRS) and the CMS website to find updates about the program.
    • If you have questions after checking these sources, please call 517.332.4800 ext. 383, or email pqrs@abem.org.