ABEM Optional Computer-delivered Testing Experience

ABEM offers a short computer-delivered testing experience at Pearson VUE testing centers. The experience is designed for candidates who have not previously taken an examination in a testing center. Physicians will have an opportunity to see how an actual ABEM examination is formatted on the computer, practice navigating a computer-based demonstration examination, and experience the same security procedures and opening and closing activities of an actual ABEM examination.

ABEM provides a 20-25 question demonstration test that candidates can take during the computer-delivered testing experience. The demonstration test is not designed to assist candidates in preparing for the content of an actual ABEM examination.

To see a list of the questions and answers used on the Computer-Delivered Testing Experience, click here.

Diplomates may register for the demonstration test through their ABEM MOC Personal Page. Follow the instructions given at the end of registration to contact Pearson VUE to schedule an appointment to take the demonstration test.

Please be aware that a free tutorial that simulates the experience of navigating through a general computerized test is available for free download to your own computer from the testing company's website (http://www.vue.com/sponsors/tutorial). The examination itself will also include a tutorial for taking the examination prior to beginning.

Optional Computer-delivered Testing Experience Dates and Fees

The demonstration test will not be scored, and the questions do not represent the examination content, subject matter, or level of difficulty of an actual ABEM examination.