• MOC Assessment of Cognitive Expertise (ConCert(TM)) Examination

    ConCertTM Examination Description and Content Specifications

    ConCertTM Examination Requirements and Process   

    Differences Between LLSA and ConCertTM

    The Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine

    Component three of the ABEM MOC program, the Continuous Certification (ConCertTM) examination, is available annually.  Like the previous recertification examination, it measures the knowledge base for the practice of Emergency Medicine (EM).

    • The ConCertTM examination is a comprehensive examination based on the EM Model.
    • ConCertTM will typically occur in the tenth year of each diplomate’s ABEM MOC cycle.
    • ConCertTM is a half-day examination.
    • ConCertTM is administered at computer-based testing centers around the country.

    In developing the ABEM MOC program, ABEM created a strong link between the LLSA component and the ConCertTM exam, basing up to 40% of the exam content on prior years’ LLSA readings.  ABEM’s intent was to increase the value of ABEM MOC to ABEM diplomates.  Some diplomates, however, expressed concern that they would be responsible for knowing the content of up to 200 specific articles when taking the ConCertTM examination. 

    The Board considered diplomates’ concerns and reassessed the relationship between LLSA and the ConCertTM examination, exploring whether appropriate changes could be made to better meet the Board’s goals and the needs of its diplomates.  As a result, the required link between previous LLSA readings and the development of ConCertTM examinations was removed.

    Beginning in 2007, ConCertTM examinations have been developed without a reliance on the identified LLSA readings.  Although LLSA questions no longer appear on the ConCertTM examination, similar concepts may still be represented as they become the standards for practice in EM.