ConCert™ Examination

ABEM diplomates are required to pass an examination that assesses knowledge, judgment, and skills once in years six through ten of their certification. The examination is referred to as the ConCert™ Examination.

Key Features of the ConCert™ Examination

  • Comprehensive, multiple-choice question examination that takes approximately five and one-quarter hours to complete.
  • Comprised of questions focused on what the practicing emergency physician needs to know when treating patients. Sample Examination Questions.
  • Questions derived from The Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine (EM Model).
  • Secure, proctored examination administered at over 200 computer-based Pearson VUE testing centers around the United States and Canada.
  • Physicians register for the ConCert™ Examination through their ABEM MOC Personal Page, then schedule a specific appointment with Pearson VUE to take the examination.
  • Passing the ConCert™ Examination early does not renew the diplomate’s certificate. Diplomates can register and take the exam during the scheduled ConCert™ exam administration in years six through ten of their certification.
  • Diplomates are not required to meet other MOC requirements to take the ConCert™ Examination. However, certification can only be renewed if all MOC requirements are met.

Taking the ConCert™ Examination

Information needed to prepare for and take the ConCert™ Examination can be found in the Information for ConCert™ Examination Candidates book. It also contains information related to scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling an examination appointment.  

New Passing Standard for the ConCert™ Examination Set in 2015

The Passing standard for the ConCert™ Examination was changed in September 2015. Descriptions of the passing standard and how it is set is available here.

ConCert™ Examination Dates and Fees

ConCert™ Examination Quick Facts

  • 92% of physicians taking the 2014 ConCert™ Examination see value in the recertification process
  • Emergency physician performance on the ConCert™ Examination suggests that emergency physicians maintain diagnostic processing and medical knowledge over the course of their careers.
  • EM Milestones studies demonstrated validity and reliability as an assessment instrument for competency acquisition