• Patient Care Practice Improvement

    The ABEM MOC patient care practice improvement (PI) process is based on the steps found in most practice improvement programs. If you are currently engaged in a PI program, either individually or as part of a group, you may be following these steps. Steps that are not part of your local program should be added or completed on your own. If you are not engaged in a PI program at work, you will need to identify one available through various national and state organizations, design one with your EM colleagues, or create your own. Read the Primer on ABEM MOC PI Activities. See a list of Acceptable Types of Patient Care Practice Improvement Activities.

    A PI activity must include the following four steps:

    1.  Review patient clinical care data from ten of your patients. The data must be related to a single presentation, disease, or clinical care process that is part of the Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine (EM Model) for example 

    • clinical care processes
    • feedback from patients that relates to the clinical care given
    • outcomes of clinical care
    • access to care such as time for through-put, left without being seen, etc.

    Group data and data collected through a national, regional, or local practice improvement program in which you participate is acceptable.

    2. Compare the data to evidence-based guidelines. Evidence-based guidelines are based on published research subject to peer-review. Only if such guidelines are not available, you may use guidelines set by expert consensus or comparable peer data. Guidelines set by expert consensus are published, accepted, national standards, and guidelines set by peer data are set by individuals who practice in like or similar circumstances.

    3.  Develop and implement a plan to improve the practice issue measured in Step #1. You may plan for an individual or group improvement effort.

    4.  After implementing the improvement plan, review patient clinical care data from ten additional patients with the same presentation, disease, or clinical process as the first patient data review. Use this data to evaluate whether clinical performance has been improved or maintained.

    See a Sample PI Online Attestation Form.