Improvement in Medical Practice (IMP)

The Improvement in Medical Practice (IMP) requirement focuses on practice-based learning and improvement, particularly in the areas of patient care, interpersonal and communication skills, and professionalism.

Key Features of Improvement in Medical Practice

ABEM certified physicians begin, complete, and attest to Patient Care Practice Improvement (PI) and Communication / Professionalism (CP) activities once during the first five years and once during the second five years of each ten-year certification period. Diplomates can check their specific requirements and deadlines and attest to completion of IMP activities on their ABEM MOC Personal Page.

Diplomates can choose from a variety of practice improvement activities that usually occur in their practice setting:
  • Standard measures and guidelines, important and frequent activities 
  • ABEM approved externally developed activities
  • Other practice improvement projects within their institution or emergency department
  • Self-developed practice improvement

 IMP activities must follow these steps:

  • Measure ten or more patients with a specific condition or clinical situation
  • Compare to standard
  • Implement an improvement
  • Re-measure

Activities typically must include the physician's own patients

Attest to completion of the activity on the ABEM website

ABEM preapproval of the activity is not required, nor do diplomates submit data to ABEM

There is no ABEM fee for participation in IMP

Practice Improvement Guide


On June 21, 2016, ABEM implemented a pilot that will no longer require that diplomates attest to completion of a communication-professionalism (C/P) activity for the ABEM MOC Program. During the pilot, ABEM diplomates will see the status “You do not have a requirement” and in some cases “Future requirement on hold” on their ABEM MOC Personal Page. The pilot extends through December 31, 2018. See Communication/Professionalism Activity No Longer Required FAQs .

  • Must inform ABEM that they are no longer clinically active
  • Can maintain ABEM certification without participating in IMP
  • Are reported as clinically inactive to the public

The most attested-to ABEM MOC IMP activities follow recognized areas of emphasis in emergency care, particularly in areas using time-sensitive metrics, indicating the relevance of the activity