Improvement in Medical Practice (IMP)

The Improvement in Medical Practice (IMP) requirement focuses on practice-based learning and improvement, particularly in the areas of patient care, interpersonal and communication skills, and professionalism.

Clinically Active Diplomates

  • Participate in acceptable Patient Care Practice Improvement (PI) activities at a local, regional, or national level 
  • Participate in a Communication / Professionalism (CP) feedback program

Clinically Inactive Diplomates

  • Must inform ABEM that they are no longer clinically active
  • Can maintain ABEM certification without participating in IMP
  • Are reported as clinically inactive to the public

Key Features of Improvement in Medical Practice

  • ABEM certified physicians begin, complete, and attest to Patient Care Practice Improvement (PI) and Communication / Professionalism (CP) activities once during the first five years and once during the second five years of each ten-year certification period.
  • Diplomates can check their specific requirements and deadlines and attest to completion of IMP activities on their ABEM MOC Personal Page.

  • IMP activities must follow specific steps and typically must include the physician’s own patients.
  • For the PI activity, diplomates can choose improvement efforts from core measures, PQRS measures, ABEM-affirmed PI activities, cross-functional or EM-specific projects sponsored by the institution in which they work, or improvements that address other clinical issues.
  • ABEM preapproval of the activity is not required, nor do diplomates submit data to ABEM.

  • Diplomates can participate in group IMP activities provided that their own patients are included.

  • There is no ABEM fee for participation in IMP.

Patient Care Practice Improvement (PI) Activity 

Communication / Professionalism (CP) Activity

The most attested-to ABEM MOC IMP activities follow recognized areas of emphasis in emergency care, particularly in areas using time-sensitive metrics, indicating the relevance of the activity