• LLSA Reading Lists

    The primary goal of LLSA is to promote continuous learning by diplomates.  ABEM facilitates this learning by identifying an annual set of LLSA readings to guide diplomates in self-study of recent EM literature.  Readings are intended to address issues of relevance to current clinical practice at the time they are posted.  ABEM recognizes that EM is an ever-evolving science and that new knowledge becomes available on a continual basis.

    LLSA readings are designed as study tools and should be read critically.  They are not intended to be all-inclusive and are not meant to define the standard of care for the clinical practice of EM.  ABEM does not endorse a specific research finding or treatment modality by virtue of its being the subject of a selected LLSA reading.

    One criterion for choosing articles is that they be easily available from a variety of sources, such as common Emergency Medicine texts, libraries, and Internet websites.  In addition, some publishers allow access to the articles directly from the ABEM public website, ABEM MOC Online, or both by clicking on the underlined listings.

    The Massachusetts Medical Society has provided full access to most readings selected for LLSA from the New England Journal of Medicine.

    • Wiley-Blackwell has provided Adobe Acrobat files to ABEM diplomates logged onto ABEM MOC Online for readings from Academic Emergency Medicine selected for LLSA.
    • Some publishers provide direct access to their website, possibly charging a fee or requiring login information to view the article
    • Occasionally, as is the case for many book chapters, the publisher will not provide direct access or does not have Internet access to the article.

    Accessibility and fees are at the discretion of the publisher, and are not related to ABEM in any way.  ABEM sincerely appreciates the contributions of those publishers that have made the articles easily accessible to ABEM diplomates.  All questions regarding fees or login information required to access the readings should be directed to the publisher or organization that published the article.

    Links to Available Reading Lists

    Reading lists are posted approximately one year in advance of their associated LLSA test.  A new LLSA test is published each year on April 1, and remains online for three years from the date of publication.  When a test is retired, the associated reading list will also be retired and will no longer be available online.  Please click the appropriate link below to view a reading list.

    Reading Lists

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