• LLSA Test Description

    The first Lifelong Learning Self-Assessment (LLSA) test was made available on the ABEM ABEM MOC Online website in April of 2004.  The questions are based on a selected set of readings that represent a portion of the current knowledge base for the practice of Emergency Medicine as presented in The Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine.  For any LLSA test 2008 or before, tests consist of 32 to 40 single-best answer, multiple-choice questions.  Beginning with the 2009 test, the number of test items is reduced to a range of 20 to 30 items.

    A new self-assessment test and associated readings will be developed each year and each test will be available for three years.

    Registration for LLSA tests and the LLSA test administration are available on-line at ABEM MOC Online. For any test 2007 or before, a passing score is achieved by answering 90% of the items correctly.  Beginning with the 2008 test, a passing score is achieved by answering 85% of the items correctly.  Once registered for an LLSA test, diplomates have three opportunities to pass it. If necessary, while the test is available, a diplomate may register again and pay the test fee for additional opportunities to pass a test.

    Each test and its reading list will remain online for three years.