• MOC Professional Standing


    ABEM has always required that candidates maintain a medical license that meets ABEM policy. ABEM Maintenance of Certification (ABEM MOC) maintains and extends this fundamental requirement to include all of a diplomate’s licenses during the entire period of time in which the diplomate maintains or attempts to regain certification. ABEM believes this change is best for Emergency Medicine and best for the public.

    Policy on Medical Licensure

    ABEM MOC requires that all diplomates and all former diplomates attempting to regain certification hold at least one medical license in the US, its territories, or Canada that is current, active, valid, full, unrestricted, and unqualified throughout the time that they are certified.  A physician may hold one or more additional licenses, each of which must be valid, unrestricted, and unqualified. Diplomates and former diplomates must verify that their licenses comply with this policy each time they register for a Lifelong Learning Self-Assessment (LLSA) test or a continuous certification (ConCertTM) examination.  View the complete ABEM Policy on Medical Licensure.

    If a Physician's License Does Not Comply

    The Federation of State Medical Boards continuously supplies to all American Board of Medical Specialties member boards, including ABEM, information regarding actions that state medical boards impose on physicians’ medical licenses. If ABEM determines that state action places a diplomate’s license in a status that does not comply with Board policy, or, if a diplomate does not hold a medical license, ABEM will revoke the diplomate’s certificate.

    A three-step appeal procedure is available to all diplomates whose medical licenses do not meet the licensure policy. During the appeal process, diplomates may register for and take the LLSA tests; and, if all other requirements are met, they may also register for and take the ConCertTM examination and renew their certificates if they pass the examination. A diplomate’s certificate will not be revoked until all steps in the appeal procedure have been completed or when a diplomate chooses not to appeal a decision. Once ABEM certification is revoked, the former diplomate may not participate in ABEM MOC until the medical licensure requirement is fulfilled.