• MCQ Pilot Examination Description

    An experimental pilot multiple choice question (MCQ) examination was administered to emergency physician volunteers at Pearson VUE testing centers from November 28 through December 17, 2011. The purpose of this examination was to explore the use of new stimulus types on ABEM examinations. As part of this process, stimuli, such as video clips and moving ultrasounds, were presented on-screen in a variety of formats to try to assess what types of presentations worked best for the various stimulus types, as well as to measure the psychometric validity of these stimuli.

    All of the items on the examination were field test items, and will never appear again on an ABEM examination. The content of the pilot examination was not intended to represent the specific content or level of difficulty of an actual ABEM examination. The results of the pilot examination were reviewed by the ABEM Board of Directors, who decided to integrate the new stimuli types into future ABEM examinations.

    You may see a sampling of items and stimuli used on the pilot MCQ examination by clicking the link below. The correct answer to each question appears in bold.

    MCQ Pilot Items and Stimulus