• Who is ABEM?

    Directors, Executive Director, & Associate Executive Directors

    The Board of Directors of the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) is comprised of emergency physicians. Officers are chosen from among the Board members. The Board includes members who were elected from individuals nominated by each of the sponsoring organizations, other Emergency Medicine organizations, and ABEM diplomates. ABEM is a non-profit corporation, and the fees from candidates are used solely for defraying actual expenses incurred in conducting examinations and carrying out the business of the Board. The directors of the Board serve without compensation.

    The following is a current list of the Board directors and officers and ABEM executive staff.

    Executive Committee
    Barry N. Heller, M.D., President
    Francis L. Counselman, M.D., Immediate-Past-President
    Michael L. Carius, M.D., President-Elect
    Terry Kowalenko, M.D., Secretary-Treasurer
    Robert L. Muelleman, M.D., Member-at-Large

    Jill M. Baren, M.D.
    Michael S. Beeson, M.D.
    Kerryann B. Broderick, M.D.
    Carl R. Chudnofsky, M.D.
    Marianne Gausche-Hill, M.D.
    Deepi G. Goyal, M.D.
    Ramon W. Johnson, M.D.
    O. John Ma, M.D.
    Mary Nan S. Mallory, M.D.
    Catherine A. Marco, M.D.
    Lewis S. Nelson, M.D.
    Robert P. Wahl, M.D.

    Executive Staff
    Earl J. Reisdorff, M.D., Executive Director

    Associate Executive Directors
    Susan K. Adsit, Certification and Organizational Services
    John H. Diephouse, SPHR, Operations
    Anne L. Harvey, Ph.D., Evaluation and Research