ABEM Prepares to Pilot New Assessment - MyEMCert

Sep 18, 2020

Additional Resources on MyEMCert Now Available

The American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) will soon launch a three-month pilot of MyEMCert, the newly developed alternative to the high-stakes ConCert Exam (the traditional recertification exam). Approximately 1,500 physicians, representative of the ABEM-certified physician population, will be participating and providing input and feedback on MyEMCert.

Core elements of MyEMCert modules: 

  • Topic-specific: incorporate the “bread and butter” issues of Emergency Medicine
  • Open-book: can be completed anywhere, anytime
  • Immediate feedback: scores, correct answers, and rationales
  • Content that keeps you informed: key advances in the specialty

As an open-book assessment, study requirements should be minimal. Physicians may wish to study the topic and review the resources provided before beginning a module.

Additional resources on MyEMCert module content, including presentation scenarios and key advances, and details on taking MyEMCert modules are now available on the ABEM website.

Learn more at www.abem.org/MyEMCert


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