Emergency Medicine Certification Board Modernizes Physician Assessment

Sep 09, 2021
The American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) has introduced a new and innovative way for emergency physicians to maintain their certification. 
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MyEMCert modules are 50-question, topic-specific modules that provide flexibility to physicians. MyEMCert modules are the alternative to traditional, point-in-time, every-ten-year, high-stakes, continuing certification exams. Eliminating travel to testing centers, allowing for resources physicians already use in the emergency department, and shifting to shorter, more frequent, topic-specific assessments helps ABEM meet the needs of physicians while maintaining the high standards of ABEM certification.
MyEMCert keeps ABEM-certified physicians in the know. To bring physicians current clinical policy alerts, practice advances, and suggestions from the literature, a “Key Advances” section is included in each module. Key Advances facilitate learning, amplify medical discoveries so physicians can use them to improve patient care, and highlight some of the most clinically relevant emerging literature. ABEM publishes synopses on current Key Advance topics that physicians should download and use while taking that section of their modules. Explanatory videos are also available for some Key Advance topics.
Core elements of MyEMCert modules: 
✓ Topic-specific modules that incorporate real-life cases in Emergency Medicine
✓ Open-book modules that can be completed anywhere, anytime
✓ Immediate feedback providing scores, correct answers, and rationales
✓ Integrates learning with the option to immediately retake a module if not passed on the first attempt 
✓ Content that keeps physicians informed about key advances in the specialty


A pilot of approximately 1,500 physicians in 2020 ensured MyEMCert was built for physicians’ needs. In 2021, six modules were released and two additional modules will be available in early 2022. ABEM-certified physicians need to pass four modules every five years to maintain their certification. 

For additional information on MyEMCert assessment modules visit www.abem.org/MyEMCert
ABEM is committed to ensuring that its certification remains the gold standard in the specialty of Emergency Medicine. ABEM-certified physicians serve a valuable and irreplaceable clinical role in the care of the critically ill and injured. We believe and support that the delivery of emergency care is best led by physicians with EM training, experience, and ABEM certification. ABEM is committed to maintaining certification standards and promoting the value of certification.

The American Board of Emergency Medicine  (ABEM) certifies emergency physicians who meet its educational, professional standing, and examination standards. The ABEM mission is to ensure the highest standard in the specialty of Emergency Medicine. ABEM certification is sought and earned by emergency physicians on a voluntary basis. ABEM is not a membership association. ABEM is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.
ABEM holds the interests of patients and their families in the highest standing, particularly regarding the provision of the safest and highest-quality emergency care. ABEM addresses its commitment to patients by supporting the physicians who provide care to the acutely ill and injured, and by working to transform the specialty of Emergency Medicine.
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