ABEM Announces Alternative to ConCert™ Exam: MyEMCert

Mar 09, 2018
Updated October 12, 2018

The ConCert Exam is the current way for physicians to show that they continue to possess the knowledge and cognitive skills of an ABEM-certified emergency physician. In 2020, a second way to demonstrate these competencies—MyEMCert—will be piloted. MyEMCert will consist of:

  • Shorter, more frequent tests: Each test will assess one or more specific content areas relevant to the clinical practice of Emergency Medicine, such as cardiovascular disorders or trauma. The tests will be about an hour long.
  • The ability to take a test again if it’s not passed the first time: Additional chances will be available to retake and pass a test, which will give physicians a clearer idea of what topics need to be reviewed.
  • Physicians will take the test remotely and have access to references.

ABEM talked with emergency physicians across the country and selected an alternative that integrated many of their ideas. ABEM put a high priority on providing physicians flexibility, enhanced relevancy, and greater opportunities to maintain certification. As this program moves forward, ABEM will continue to reach out to emergency physicians for their ideas.

In summary:

  • In 2018, no changes to the ConCert Examination.
  • In 2019, the ConCert Exam will be administered twice: once in the spring, and again in the fall. This schedule will continue indefinitely.
  • In 2020, MyEMCert will be piloted.
  • By 2020, resource(s) will be available during the ConCert Exam.
  • In 2021, MyEMCert will begin to be phased in.

ConCert Alternative FAQs

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