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Fall 2021 ConCert Exam Registration Open

Jun 15, 2021

As ABEM transitions to MyEMCert modules, physicians who have certificates that end in 2021-2025 have two options to meet current requirements for Assessment of Knowledge, Judgement, and Skills by the time their certification ends.

Option 1 - Pass 4 MyEMCert Modules: Sign in to register for available modules
Option 2 - Pass the ConCert Exam: This will not be an option after 2022

Fall 2021 ConCert Exam registration is open June 14 – August 19.

If you plan to take the fall 2021 ConCert exam, for your current certification requirements, you will need to let ABEM know to be able to access registration.

Complete the Fall 2021 ConCert Exam Request Form to inform ABEM and get access to exam registration.

NOTE: All ABEM-certified physicians will move to a 5-year certification when they recertify. No matter if physicians take the ConCert Exam or take MyEMCert modules to complete current requirements. When you recertify your certification will be for 5-years.

Use the ✓ABEM Reqs tool to view your requirements and options based on the year your current certification ends.

ConCert Exam and MyEMCert Modules - What's the Difference?



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