Before the Exam

Review Your Examination Appointment Details

Know the date and time of your exam.

  • My exam day is ______________.
  • The Pearson VUE center is located at ___________________.
  • Testing begins at _________________.
  • I should plan to stay at the exam site until ________________.

Pearson VUE sends a confirmation email that includes the appointment time, date, and location information along with directions to the testing center.

Know your Rights and Responsibilities

Review the Policy on Examination Irregularities

You must read and agree to abide by the terms of the ABEM Policy on Examination Irregularities before being allowed to take the ConCert™ Examination. Familiarize yourself with this important policy before going to your exam appointment.

The policy and a summary of its key messages will be shown on your computer screen with instructions to indicate your agreement to abide by the policy. If you do not agree to abide by this policy, your examination appointment will be terminated, and you will not be allowed to take the examination.

Prepare for Taking an Examination in a Testing Center

ABEM suggests candidates go to the Pearson VUE website,, and take the standard tutorial. While this tutorial is not identical in format to the ABEM ConCert™ Examination, it provides an example of how a computer-delivered examination appears. Policy on Examination Administration in Testing Centers

In addition, a customized version of UpToDate® is available. If you are unfamiliar with using UpToDate, please visit their website and take a tutorial. Although the tutorial is not identical to what will appear in the test, it provides information about how to use UpToDate.