At the Exam

Taking the Exam

The Medical Toxicology Cognitive Expertise Examination is remotely administered in an open-book format. Physicians can use any outside resources of their choosing while taking the examination. The MedTox Cognitive Expertise Examination is approximately 8 hours in length, with 7 hours and 30 minutes devoted to actual testing time. Approximately 30 minutes of the exam time is devoted to several accessory activities related to the exam administration. These accessory activities include acceptance of the ABEM Policy on Examination Irregularities for Remote Continuous Certification Administrations, an optional test tutorial, examination instructions, and a candidate survey.

Test Tutorial

A test tutorial is provided at the start of the examination to help you familiarize yourself with the exam’s computer format. The tutorial is optional, but ABEM strongly recommends that you take it, as it may give you tips that will save time and frustration. Because the tutorial is timed separately, if you choose not to take the tutorial, no additional testing time beyond the standard 7 hours and 30 minutes will be allowed for taking the examination itself.

Exam Instructions

There is a brief summary of important facts immediately preceding the start of the exam. This summary includes the number of exam questions and other information related to taking the MedTox Cognitive Expertise Examination.

Candidate Survey

A brief, optional survey is available after taking the Cognitive Expertise Exam. ABEM encourages you to complete it so the Board can benefit from your experiences. As with the tutorial, if you choose not to complete this questionnaire, no additional testing time beyond the standard 7 hours and 30 minutes will be allowed for taking the Cognitive Expertise Exam itself.

Breaks and Interruptions

The Board's expectation is that this examination is taken in one sitting with short breaks. You should do your best to schedule a time when you will not be interrupted and create a distraction-free environment. That said, the Board has increased testing time to account for breaks and potential distractions introduced by taking the test at home. If you are unable to complete the examination in one sitting, the exam timer will stop when the browser tab is closed or becomes disconnected. Simply return to the examination as soon as you are able, and the test and timer will resume where you left off.

Key Points for Taking the Online Cognitive Expertise Examination

Candidates MUST NOT collaborate with one another while taking the examination.

ABEM exam questions are copyrighted. Candidates are prohibited from recording or divulging exam content and violating ABEM’s copyright.

Candidates have an obligation to report to ABEM any cheating or other suspicious behavior they become aware of and to cooperate in any subsequent irregularity investigation(s).

ABEM will be actively monitoring the Internet, social media, etc., for copyright violations.