• Medical Toxicology - Application and Examination Registration - Initial Certification

    Certification Application Process

    Physicians must apply for certification in Medical Toxicology must apply for certification through ABEM if they are ABEM diplomates, through the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) if they are ABP diplomates, or through the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM) if they are ABPM diplomates.  ABEM will also accept applications from physicians who are certified by an American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) board other than ABP, ABPM, or ABEM.

    The Medical Toxicology certification examination is offered every other year, in even numbered years.

    Obtaining a Certification Application

    Physicians applying to ABEM for certification in Medical Toxicology must complete the current year’s certification application.  In early January of each even-numbered year, ABEM prepares personalized application forms for graduating fellows who are ABEM diplomates or candidates for EM certification and sends the forms to fellowship directors for distribution.  ABEM will also send blank forms for the fellowship program to give to fellows who have not previously been reported to ABEM.  ABEM diplomates and candidates who have completed a 2-year ACGME-accredited Medical Toxicology fellowship may also request an application form by contacting the ABEM office.

    Completing the Certification Application

    Instructions for completing the certification application are included with the application.  Physicians with questions about the credential requirements or any portion of the certification application should call the ABEM office for clarification and assistance before submitting their applications.

    Submitting the Application

    ABEM strongly encourages physicians to submit their applications well before the deadline date and to mail them using a method that provides confirmation of delivery.  Physicians should also ensure that the postmark date is clearly discernable, since the postmark date is used to determine whether the application and the application fee can be accepted.  Medical Toxicology Initial Certification Application Dates and Fees.

    The following items must be submitted for a certification application to be complete:

    • A completed, signed, and notarized current year Medical Toxicology certification application form
    • The application fee in U.S. funds

    ABEM recommends that physicians retain a photocopy of each form and supporting document submitted to ABEM.  Applications and related information become property of ABEM, and submitted documentation will not be returned to the physician.

    Application Processing

    ABEM processes applications as they are received.  ABEM checks to ensure that the application is complete and that the physician has submitted the required items, including the appropriate payment.  The application fee covers the cost of processing the application only and cannot be refunded under any circumstances. 

    Deadline dates and fees are listed under Medical Toxicology Initial Certification Application Dates and Fees.

    If any items are missing or incomplete, ABEM can begin processing the application, but a final review cannot be completed until all information is received.  Applications that remain incomplete will be closed on April 1 of the following year.  Physicians with closed applications must submit new applications if they want to apply for certification in Medical Toxicology.  They must meet all requirements in place at the time the new application is submitted.

    ABEM verifies physician credentials as part of application processing.  By signing the application form, physicians give ABEM permission to verify information submitted on the Medical Toxicology certification application.

    ABEM mails notification regarding whether or not the physician has met the eligibility criteria.  If an application is not accepted as fulfilling these requirements, ABEM includes instructions for the reconsideration or appeal of the credential decision with the letter of notification.

    All credential decisions are communicated in writing over the signature of the Board president, secretary-treasurer, or as otherwise specified in ABEM policies and procedures.


    ABEM maintains an application appeal procedure for candidates whose applications are determined not to fulfill the eligibility criteria.  A copy of the procedure is available from the ABEM office.

    Certification Examination Registration

    Physicians who submit Medical Toxicology certification applications to ABEM by the deadline and who meet all application requirements other than completion of their fellowship programs will be permitted to register for the examination and then schedule an appointment to take the examination.  If ABEM does not receive verification that the physicians has completed fellowship training successfully, the physician’s examination appointment will be cancelled.

    The ABP and ABPM submit to ABEM names of applicants whom they have approved to take the examination.  ABEM registers those physicians and notifies them that they may schedule their appointments to take the examination.