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    The primary goal of LLSA is to promote continuous learning by diplomates. The Medical Toxicology Subboard facilitates this learning by identifying a set of LLSA readings every other year to guide diplomates in self-study of recent Medical Toxicology literature. The readings are designed as study tools and should be read critically.  They are not intended to be all-inclusive and are not meant to define the standard of care for the practicing medical toxicologist. The Medical Toxicology Subboard does not endorse a specific research finding or treatment modality--including off label use of medications--by virtue of its being the subject of a selected LLSA reading. Likewise, the Subboard is mindful of the potential for real or perceived conflicts of interest in professional literature and makes a conscious effort to account for this in its LLSA reading selections.

    One criterion for choosing articles is that they be easily available from a variety of sources, such as common medical texts, libraries, and Internet websites. Whenever possible, ABEM provides online links to publishers’ websites or to the readings themselves. Accessibility and fees are at the discretion of the publisher, and are not related to ABEM in any way. All questions regarding fees or login information required to access the readings should be directed to the publisher or organization that published the article. 


    Archived Reading Lists

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