• Pediatric Emergency Medicine Cognitive Expertise Examination Requirements & Process

    Pediatric Emergency Medicine Cognitive Expertise candidates must be, or must have been, certified in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Registration for the Cognitive Expertise Examination must be submitted to ABEM. Once accepted by the American Board of Pediatrics, ABEM will contact the candidate to provide scheduling information.


    After Pediatric Emergency Medicine Cogntive Expertise Examination candidates are accepted to take the examination, ABEM forwards instructions to them about how to register with the testing center.

    Taking The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Cognitive Expertise Examination

    The American Board of Pediatrics administers this examination at computer testing centers across the United States and Canada. ABP plans to continue offering this examination annually. 

    The examination is a four-hour long examination delivered in two timed sections, each section being two hours in length. There are approximately 200 multiple choice questions. There are no scheduled breaks during the examination but candidates may take breaks but the examination clock will continue to run.

    To be admitted to the examination, all candidates must present proof of identify with a government or state issued photo ID that bears the name and signature of the candidate.

    Scoring The Examination

    The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) is the administering Board for the Pediatric Emergency Cognitive Expertise Examination.  Candidates should contact ABP if they have questions related to scoring the examination or questions about their specific scores.

    Results Communication

    ABEM will send candidates the results of their examination via United States mail within 90 days of the date of the examination. Examination results will only be forwarded to candidates in writing, and can be viewed on the ABEM website via the candidate's Personal Page. ABEM will not confirm examination results by telephone or fax.

    Next Steps

    If an ABEM candidate fails the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Cognitive Expertise Examination, he or she can take the examination as many times as they wish during teh scheduled testing window in each year prior to their certification expiration date. It is not necessaryu to submit a new application each time the test is retaken, only that the exam fee be submitted.

    ABEM awards certificates to its candidates who pass the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Cognitive Expertise Examination. Certification in Pediatric Emergency Medicine is for a period of ten years. 

    Diplomates who have met all their ABEM MOC requirements will renew certification on January 1 immediately following expiration of their previous certification. Diplomates who do not meet all their ABEM MOC Program requirements by their certification expiration date become former diplomates and are no longer certified. ABEM provides options for former diplomates to regain certification, defined in the Policy on Regaining Certification.

    ABEM sends the names of the diplomates who maintain their certification in Pediatric Emergency Medicine to the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) for publication in the Official ABMS Directory of Board Certified Medical Specialists.  The ABMS website also lists diplomate names and their specialty and subspecialty certifications.