• Sports Medicine Recertification Examination Requirements and Process

    Candidates for recertification in Sports Medicine must be, or must have been, certified in Sports Medicine. Once their subspecialty recertification applications are accepted as fulfilling the Sports Medicine Eligibility Criteria for Certification and Recertification, they are offered an assignment to the examination.



    ABEM mails an examination registration form to all recertification examination candidates. Candidates must formally accept the examination assignment by returning the form to ABEM. Deadline dates for submitting the registration form to ABEM are included in the registration materials.

    Sports Medicine Recertification Examination Description

    Important Dates and Information

    Scoring the Examination

    The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) is the administering Board for the Sports Medicine subspecialty certification examination. Candidates should contact ABFM if they have questions related to scoring the examination or questions about their specific scores.

    Results Communication

    ABEM sends candidates the results of their examination via United States mail within 90 days of the date of the examination. Examination results will only be forwarded to candidates in writing. ABEM will not confirm examination results by telephone or fax.

    Next Steps

    If an ABEM candidate fails the Sports Medicine subspecialty recertification examination, the Policy on Maintaining Open and Active Subspecialty Recertification Applications outlines the process available to retake the examination.

    ABEM awards certificates to its candidates who pass the Sports Medicine subspecialty recertification examination. Recertification in Sports Medicine is for a period of ten years. The certificates are dated from the date of the examination results letter and expire December 31 ten years hence. The diplomate's Emergency Medicine certification must be valid in order for the subspecialty certification to remain valid.

    ABEM sends the names of diplomates who recertify in Sports Medicine to the ABMS for publication in the Official ABMS Directory of Board Certified Medical Specialists. The ABMS website also lists diplomate names and their specialty and subspecialty certifications.