• Surgical Critical Care

    Effective July 2013, ABEM diplomates can formally enter Surgical Critical Care (SCC) fellowships and obtain subspecialty certification in SCC. This is the result of the approval by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) of a resolution submitted by the American Board of Surgery (ABS) that allows ABEM diplomates this opportunity.

    Certification in SCC is through the ABS. To be eligible, ABEM diplomates must complete a preliminary year of surgical training prior to entering the one-year fellowship required for SCC certification. The ABS requirements for SCC certification are not being changed in any way; rather, this new pathway expands the pool of candidates eligible to be trained in SCC. SCC fellowship programs will be required to submit a detailed description of their preliminary year training program to the ABS for approval.

    Upon successful completion of the SCC certification examination, ABEM diplomates must participate in the ABS MOC Program to maintain their SCC certificate.

    Certification in SCC joins the other subspecialty certification opportunities available to ABEM-certified physicians: Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medical Services, Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Internal Medicine-Critical Care Medicine, Medical Toxicology, Pain Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine. Certification in Clinical Informatics is also available to ABEM diplomates through the American Board of Preventive Medicine.

    For information on SCC certification, see the ABS website.

    View the SCC fellowship program requirements here.

    SCC FAQs for ABEM Diplomates