Value of ABEM-Certified Physicians

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People in America go to the emergency department, 150 million times each year.

At any given moment in the emergency department, life hangs in the balance. A physician board certified in Emergency Medicine is best equipped to lead emergency care.

Board Certification is the Gold Standard 

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Certification by the American Board of Emergency Medicine is the gold standard for emergency physicians.

It indicates a physician is dedicated to delivering high-quality care and has demonstrated the skills and expertise needed to meet the highest professional credential in Emergency Medicine. It also signals a physician’s commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest medical advances.

Certification Matters

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Physicians certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine are rightly proud.

Others acknowledge it, too. ABEM is the first medical specialty board to be accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, an independent, non-governmental agency that since 1977 has ensured professional certification programs adhere to modern standards of health, welfare and safety.

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Research shows nearly 80% of surveyed adults prefer a physician to lead their medical care in an emergency, compared to a registered nurse (8%), nurse practitioner (6%) or physician assistant (5%).

Verify a Physician's ABEM Certification 

Who is an Emergency Physician?

A licensed and board-certified emergency physician completes thousands of hours of training, and more than a decade of expert-level education, so that they are prepared in a moment’s notice for any challenge that comes their way.
(Credit: American College of Emergency Physicians)

Who Would You Want Leading Your Care?

More than one in three of us visit the emergency department each year, and when it really matters, you want the most qualified person in the room.
(Credit: American College of Emergency Physicians)

Participate in Promoting the Value of ABEM-certified Physicians

We work to ensure the highest standards in the specialty of Emergency Medicine. ABEM certification is about more than a test. It signifies that a physician is ready to deliver the highest standard of emergency care when people need it most.

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