Verify a Physician's ABEM Certification

Is your physician ABEM certified?

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For Credentialers

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ABEM verifies whether a physician is board certified. The board can provide information on a physician’s status if the request includes the physician’s last name when utilizing the online search.

ABEM certifies physicians who have completed the initial certification process.

For the Public

There are additional ways to verify a physician's board certification or board eligible status:

Please note: There is a $25 processing fee for written verification requested by or addressed to a third party. ABEM requires either the date of birth or the last four digits of the social security number to provide verification of a physician’s status directly. Please provide one of these pieces of information along with your request.

ABEM-certified Physicians

ABEM-certified physicians can print a certification verification letter by signing in to their ABEM portal.

Print Verification Letter

For more information on verification of Board status, please see the Policy on Disclosure of Information on Diplomates.

ABEM's website serves as primary source verification.