Who is ABEM Certified?

There are a few ways to verify a physician's board certification or board eligible status:

  • Online: through CertificationMatters.org
  • Verbal: Call ABEM at 517-332-4800, extension 381
  • Email: verify@abem.org 
  • Written: Mail verification requests to
    American Board of Emergency Medicine
    3000 Coolidge Road
    East Lansing, Michigan 48823
    Requests must include the $25 processing fee if applicable.
    Please note: There is a $25 processing fee for written verification requested by or addressed to a third party.

For more information on verification of Board status, please see the Policy on Disclosure of Information on Diplomates.

ABEM-certified physicians can print a personalized verification letter through their ABEM Personal Page.

For third parties, ABEM verifies whether a physician is board certified or board eligible. The board can provide information on a physician's status if the request includes the physician's full name and either date of birth or the last four digits of his or her Social Security number.

ABEM certification is an important accomplishment for aspiring physicians. It shows a physician's level of expertise and can open many career doors. ABEM certifies physicians who have completed the initial certification process. Once certified, physicians must participate in the Maintenance of Certification Program to maintain their status. ABEM strives to ensure that its certification processes are fair, valid, and reliable.