Become Certified

The purpose of initial certification is to objectively and independently confirm that physicians who complete an Emergency Medicine residency demonstrate core knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to practice Emergency Medicine at the highest standards.

There are three steps for physicians to achieve certification in Emergency Medicine after completing residency training:

Dates and Fees

  • Apply for Certification

  • Qualifying Examination

  • Oral Certification Examination

Information Disclosure & Verification for ABEM-certified Physicians

In compliance with American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) bylaws, ABEM provides ABMS a list of newly certified physicians, including names, addresses, and other information. ABMS provides a directory at, and may also provide the information to other licensees according to defined guidelines. ABEM provides lists of board-certified physicians to sponsor organizations on request.

ABEM responds to individual inquiries to confirm a physician's certification status. When ABEM receives an inquiry about a physician’s status with the Board, ABEM states whether or not the physician is ABEM certified, and provides the certificate number and dates of certification.