Types of Cases and Samples

Five eOral single patient cases:

There is one patient and 15 minutes is allotted for testing. Stimuli can include video and audio presentations, and all case information will be delivered on the computer. Introductory information may include such materials as an admitting form, audio of an EMS call, a transfer sheet, or a video of the patient.


To test the effectiveness of the eOral format, one of these cases will serve as a field test. Although the field test is not scored, you will not be told which case is being researched.

Two traditional cases involving multiple patients (also known as triples):

There will be more than one patient, with 30 minutes for testing and 10 minutes between cases. The case materials are given to you on paper, but are color-coded for each patient.

Sample eOral Cases

e6485 e5371

Sample eOral Application Demos for Case e6485

Interact with the functionality:

Examiner Candidate

Candidate Video

Click on "Playlist" in the upper-left corner of the video screen, and select the chapter you wish to view.

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Sample Traditional Case - Beginning with the spring 2017 OCE, no paper single cases will be given
Chapter 4.1 - Test Taking Strategies
Chapter 4.2 - Approach the Examination Systematically
Chapter 4.3 - Ask For General Information
Chapter 4.4 - All Actions Must be Verbalized and Direct
Chapter 4.5 - Speak Precisely and at a Moderate Pace
Chapter 4.6 - Listen to the Examiner's Responses
Chapter 4.7 - Proceed to Manage the Case if Information is not Available
Chapter 4.8 - All Examiner Information Is Accurate
Chapter 4.9 - Ask for Clarification Chapter 4.10 - Interpretation of X-rays and ECGs
Chapter 4.11 - Describing Procedures
Chapter 4.12 - Know Commonly Used Drugs and Dosages
Chapter 4.13 - Looking Up Information
Chapter 4.14 - Use Consultants as Necessary
Chapter 4.15 - Multiple-patient Encounters, or Triples
Chapter 4.16 - eOral Sample Case
Chapter 5 - How the Examination is Scored
Chapter 6 - End Credits