• Oral Examination Information for Candidates

    In order to help you better prepare for the ABEM Oral Certification examination, ABEM provides the Oral Examination Information for Candidates book and accompanying Oral Examination Candidate Orientation video. Links to both are below for your convenience.

    Oral Examination Information for Candidates Book

    The purpose of this book is to provide you with the information you need to prepare for, attend, and take the oral certification examination. It also includes a section describing how the examination is scored and the ABEM policies and procedures that apply to the oral certification examination. Click here to access the book.

    Oral Examination Candidate Orientation Video

    This video has been developed to aid you in preparing for the oral certification examination. The video is approximately 36 minutes in length and provides you with important information about the oral certification examination. A typical Single-Patient Encounter (SPE) is demonstrated, and you will also see an array of the case materials related to both the SPEs and the SSEs (Simulated Situation Encounters). The video also illustrates several useful test-taking strategies you may wish to employ. This video does not take the place of the on-site orientation you are expected to attend.

    Note: The sample materials and other information contained in the book and video are designed to complement one another. The written materials include information not covered in the video presentation. If you have any questions after reviewing all of these materials, please contact the ABEM office at oralcertification@abem.org or 517.332.4800, ext 386.

    If you are having difficulty viewing the video, please click here.