MyEMCert will be the alternative assessment option for physicians to stay certified beginning in 2021. Physicians who are eligible and take MyEMCert modules will not be required to take the ConCert Exam. Elements of MyEMCert include:

  • Eight, topic-specific modules (e.g., abdominopelvic presentations)
  • Other content based on key advances in EM clinical practice
  • Remote access
  • Use of any resource (open book)
  • The modules must be taken alone, without collaboration
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Maintaining your Certification with MyEMCert

If your certification ends in 2021 or later you will be able to maintain your certification using MyEMCert as the assessment for staying certified. 

Participants will complete four MyEMCert modules every five years.

Physicians who do not wish to participate in MyEMCert assessments can recertify with the ConCert Exam option through 2022. After 2022, the ConCert Exam will no longer be offered and MyEMCert will be used as the assessment for staying certified.  

MyEMCert Modules

MyEMCert modules will consist of up to 50 questions each and will be accessible using computers or tablets. Physicians can select the order in which they take the modules available to them; there is no particular order in which topics must be covered. 

As an open-book test, study requirements should be minimal, but if you don’t feel ready, we suggest studying the topic, reviewing the resources and materials before beginning the module. Keep in mind, the modules must be taken alone and without collaboration.

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Module Topics

  • Abdominopelvic
  • Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock
  • Trauma and Bleeding
  • Thoracorespiratory
  • Neurology
  • Social and Behavioral Health
  • Head and Neck
  • Nontraumatic Musculoskeletal

There will be three versions of each module available in any given year. One registration will cover three attempts to pass the module topic. If three attempts within a year are unsuccessful, the physician will need to wait until the following year, when a new version becomes available.

Approximately 80% of the questions will be related to the specific module topic, and the remaining 20% will be related to key advances in Emergency Medicine. 

Key advances include:

  • Practice advances
  • Clinical policy alerts
  • Suggestions from literature

Though key advances will be included in each module, they won’t necessarily share the same topic as the module. The goals for including the key advances material are to facilitate learning and amplify a selection of medical discoveries so you can use them to improve patient care; to leverage the most popular aspects of the current LLSA assessment; and to highlight the most clinically relevant emerging literature. Synopses of key advances, some of which include evidence-based recommendations to improve your practice, will be provided as learning resources for your review.


  • Notification shortly after the module is submitted
  • If not passed, a different version of the module can be attempted immediately


  • Provided relatively quickly after the module has been submitted for scoring
  • Will include the correct answer and the rationale for the correct answer
  • Information could be used to identify possible knowledge gaps

MyEMCert Pilot

In fall 2020, approximately 1,200 ABEM-certified physicians will participate in a three-month pilot of MyEMCert. Physicians will need to complete three modules and will have three attempts to pass each one.

If you have any questions, contact ABEM at or 517.332.4800, ext. 383. 

MyEMCert Pilot Frequently Asked Questions

Development of MyEMCert

MyEMCert was developed after listening to ABEM-certified physicians at a national summit of every major Emergency Medicine organization, through a nationwide survey, and over 30 focus groups. After evaluating other continuing certification models offered by ABMS specialty boards, we tailored an assessment program designed to meet the unique needs of emergency physicians.

We heard your requests for a more relevant assessment of clinical practice that could help physicians become better doctors. There was also a desire to find a way to easily keep up-to-date with the key advances and changes in emergency medicine that interest you, so you can improve the care you provide. Another request was for shorter and more frequent assessments. ABEM-certified physicians also requested more convenient and flexible time frames to complete requirements, rather than scheduling around testing center availability.

The result was the creation of MyEMCert, launching in spring 2021.