Over the last year, ABEM has continued to develop MyEMCert, the alternative to the ConCert Exam. MyEMCert will consist of eight, pressentation-based, topic-specific modules (e.g., Abdominopelvic Presentations). Content will also include recent advances, which could be on any topic. Physicians will be able to access the exam remotely, and can use any reference materials they like. However, physicians must take the assessments alone, without any collaboration.

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Completing Modules

MyEMCert modules will consist of 30-50 questions each and will be accessible remotely using computers or tablets. Physicians can select the order in which they take the modules; there is no particular order in which topics must be covered.

There will be three versions of each module available in any given year. One module registration fee will cover three attempts of the same module. If the third attempt within that year is unsuccessful, the physician will need to wait until the following year, when a new version becomes available.

Each MyEMCert module must be completed within a set amount of time. Test takers can take breaks during the exam, but the test clock will continue to run. Modules cannot be saved and revisited later. Once started, a module will count as an attempt even if it is not completed. Physicians will be informed about whether they passed or failed shortly after the module is submitted.

The modules are designed to be taken without studying. If a module is not passed, a different version of the module can be re-attempted immediately. Feedback about the modules could be used to identify possible knowledge gaps before the physician retakes a different version of the module. Feedback will be provided after the module has been submitted for scoring and will include the correct answer and the rationale for the correct answer.
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MyEMCert Pilot

In 2020, approximately 1,200 ABEM-certified physicians will participate in a three- to six-month pilot of MyEMCert. Pilot participants must be in their first five years of certification. Physicians will need to successfully complete three modules, and will have three attempts to pass each one. If the pilot is successful, we anticipate the first modules will be available in 2021 for those who wish to participate in the MyEMCert program.

MyEMCert Requirements

ABEM-certified physicians whose certification ends in 2022 or later will be able to use MyEMCert to maintain their certification.

All physicians choosing the MyEMCert option will be required to complete eight modules by the end of their certification period, regardless of how soon their certification ends. This means that diplomates who have less than ten years remaining on their current certification and who choose to participate in MyEMCert will have less time to complete eight modules before their certification expires. When fully implemented, MyEMCert participants will have to complete four modules during their first five years of certification, and four modules in the second five years.

Participants will also need to complete Improvement in Medical Practice and Professionalism and Professional Standing requirements to maintain their certification.

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MyEMCert or ConCert?

There will be two distinct options to maintain ABEM certification: the ConCert track and the MyEMCert track. The requirements for the ConCert track are the same as they have been.

Depending on when a physician’s certificate expires, the amount of time allowed to complete eight modules will vary. When fully implemented, the MyEMCert track will require a physician to pass four modules in the first five years of certification, and four in the second five years; complete one IMP activity in the first five years of certification, and one in the second five years; and all the physician’s medical licenses must be in compliance with the ABEM Policy on Medical Licensure. Participants in MyEMCert will not have LLSA requirements.

In the Meantime

While MyEMCert is being phased in, ABEM is meeting physician requests for greater availability of the ConCert Examination as well as the use of external resources. In 2019, ConCert Examination will be offered twice yearly, and in 2020, physicians will be able to use an online, external reference during the ConCert. These two changes are in direct response to physician requests. 

Specific details of the MyEMCert are still being developed, including the cost of each module and the method by which physicians will be selected for the pilot. ABEM will provide information about these details as they become available. Please refer to the ABEM website for the most up-to-date information about MyEMCert, including a set of FAQs

If you have any questions, you can contact ABEM via email at, or by calling 517.332.4800, ext. 383.