Reciprocal Credit

Collecting ABEM MOC Credit Through Other MOC Programs

ABEM allows physicians who hold more than one ABMS primary or subspecialty certificate to choose the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program in which they will complete their Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (LLS) and Improvement in Medical Practice (IMP) requirements.

Through their ABEM MOC Personal Page, ABEM-certified physicians can tell ABEM about other non-ABEM ABMS Member Board certificates they hold. They can also select the MOC program in which they will complete their requirements. The selected MOC program will become their primary MOC program.

Primary MOC Program Criteria

  • Physicians must meet all the requirements of their primary MOC program. They must complete LLS and IMP activities and participate in the MOC program according to their board's specific requirements.
  • Physicians can't count activities that they complete within another ABMS MOC program to fulfill their primary programs' requirements.
  • Physicians must continue to hold a medical license that meets ABEM's Policy on Medical Licensure.
  • To renew each certification, physicians must pass the ConCert™ Examination (Assessment of Knowledge, Judgment, and Skills (KJS)).

Each ABMS Member Board decides which program activities will count toward credit. ABEM verifies the completion of activities and requirements within an ABEM MOC program when requested.

Reciprocity FAQs