Regain Certification

Physicians who used to be certified in Emergency Medicine by ABEM have the opportunity to regain certification. How a physician regains certification depends on how long ago he or she lost certification, and the number and type of missing continuing certification requirements that led to losing certification.

Your certification expired five or fewer years ago and you have completed at least four LLSA tests or two MyEMCert modules.
To regain certification, you must:
  • Complete all missing requirements before the end of the fifth year after your certification expired

Your certification expired more than five years ago or you have completed fewer than four LLSA tests or two MyEMCert modules.
 To regain certification, you must:
* Applications are accepted year-round. Application fee: $220.

 Your certification was revoked due to noncompliance with the Policy on Medical Licensure.
 To regain certification, you must:
  • Have each of your medical licenses meet the Policy on Medical Licensure
  • Fulfill the requirements determined by the number of years since your certification expired and the number of missing LLSA tests or MyEMCert modules (as listed above)

Please refer to the Policy on Regaining Certification for additional details.

When you regain certification, you will automatically be designated as clinically active, which you can reset to clinically inactive by contacting ABEM.

If you have any questions, please contact ABEM at 517-332-4800, option 2, or