Emergency Medical Services

Dates and Fees

  • EMS Cognitive Expertise Exam

Maintaining EMS Certification

Physicians certified in EMS must participate in the EMS continuing certification process and pass the EMS Cognitive Expertise Examination in years 6-10 of certification. ABEM believes that physicians who continue to practice Emergency Medicine in addition to their subspecialty should continue to maintain their EM certification.

EMS Continuing Certification Requirements by Certification Expiration Year

Personal Page

EMS-certified physicians have an ABEM Personal Page, a secure portal used to perform tasks related to the EMS continuing certification process.

Sign in to your ABEM Personal Page.

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  • Learn your requirements and status, and review completed activities and LLSA test results
  • Provide medical licensure information
  • Review LLSA readings, as well as register for and take required LLSA tests
  • Register for the EMS Cognitive Expertise Examination as well as optional CME credit and computer-delivered testing
  • Attest to completion of IMP Practice Improvement activities

To renew certification, clinically active physicians must meet all ABEM continuous certification requirements. Clinically inactive physicians must meet all ABEM continuing certification requirements except IMP. All LLS and IMP activities completed for any ABEM continuing certification program count toward activity requirements of all other ABEM continuing certification programs..

EMS-certified physicians must meet one or more EMS continuing certification requirements before reaching their five-year deadline. To regain "participating in continuing certification" status, they must make up missed requirements before the end of their ten-year certification period.

Regaining Certification

EMS-certified physicians who lose their certification will have the opportunity to get it back. Please contact ABEM at 517-332-4800, option 4, or subspecialties@abem.org for more information.