Become an ABEM Director

The American Board of Emergency Medicine is seeking two physician Directors for its Board of Directors. ABEM encourages nominations from across the Emergency Medicine community. All nominations are required to have a letter of support from a current or past ABEM Director. The nominations period is now closed for 2021-22.

Nominee Criteria

  • Be a graduate of an ACGME-accredited EM residency program
  • Be ABEM certified for ten or more years
  • Required experience as an ABEM volunteer including experience as an item writer, oral examiner, or appointed representative
  • Show active involvement in organized EM 
  • Be involved in the clinical practice of EM
  • Participate in the ABEM continuing certification process

In addition, ABEM has identified the following traits that the BOD is seeking in new Directors. They include:

  • The skills and knowledge necessary to serve as a positive leader
  • A passion for the Board's mission and vision
  • A strong belief in the value of the specialty and continuing learning
  • An interest in the assessment process
  • Experience working with outside organizations
  • The ability to talk about core issues and ideas

The principles of diversity, inclusion, and equity are critical to ABEM’s fulfillment of its mission to ensuring the highest standards in the specialty of Emergency Medicine. ABEM promotes an atmosphere of diversity, inclusion, and equity acknowledging that different perspectives and cultures all contribute to better ideas and solutions for ABEM’s complex challenges. For its volunteers, ABEM seeks representation based on age, race, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, creed, religion, national origin, geographic location, veteran or military status, immigration status, and disability. ABEM encourages nominations of emergency physicians in all types of clinical settings, including community practice locations.

The ABEM Governance Committee will review all nominations and prepare a slate of candidates for consideration by the BOD at its February 2022 meeting. The newly elected director will be invited to attend the July 2022 Board of Directors meeting as an observer and will be seated at the close of that meeting for a four-year term. Directors may serve up to two, four-year terms.

Submit Your Nomination

The nominations period is closed for 2021-22.

If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen C. Ruff, MBA, Chief Administrative Officer, at