Coalition of Board-Certified Emergency Physicians (COBCEP)

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The Coalition of Board-Certified Emergency Physicians (COBCEP) is a group of representatives from all major Emergency Medicine organizations. The Coalition works to reduce the burden on emergency physicians by refuting the need for short courses or additional certifications. The rationale for no longer requiring such courses is that ABEM- and AOBEM-certified physicians already complete these requirements as part of their continuing certification processes. The coalition was formerly the Coalition on Medical Merit Badges (COMMB).

COBCEP Mission

To advocate for ABEM- and AOBEM-certified physicians by improving public recognition for the specialized training and content expertise needed to achieve this certification.

To establish partnerships with stakeholder organizations to reduce the burden on ABEM- and AOBEM-certified physicians resulting from content-specific CME requirements, educational courses, or non-Emergency Medicine–based practice guidelines that are needed for either institutional privileges at disease-specific centers of excellence (i.e., trauma or stroke centers) or for state medical licensure.

Letters to Refute Merit Badge Requirements Available

COBCEP makes letters available through the two participating certifying boards—ABEM and AOBEM—explaining why certain short courses are unnecessary. ABEM-certified physicians can download these letters from their ABEM Portal; AOBEM-certified physicians can request letters by contacting AOBEM.

Available Letters

  • Short Course Waiver (e.g., ACLS)
  • POCT Waiver
  • Emergency U/S Letter

How to Download Letters from Your ABEM Portal

Added Value for Certified Physicians

COBCEP’s actions add value to ABEM certification by reducing the burden of added certifications on ABEM-certified physicians. Read more about the value of ABEM certification here.

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Coalition Member Organizations

Association of Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine
American Academy of Emergency Medicine
American Academy of Emergency Medicine/Resident Student Association
American Board of Emergency Medicine
American College of Emergency Physicians
American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians
American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine
Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association
Society of Academic Emergency Medicine

List of current representatives