Policy on Parental, Caregiver, and Medical Leave

Sep 02, 2020


ABEM has approved a new Policy on Parental, Caregiver, and Medical Leave that allows residents two additional weeks per year to accommodate leaves of absence for parental, caregiver, and personal medical leave or to preserve vacation time in instances where the maximum of six weeks absence has been reached for purposes of family or medical leave. The new policy will offer residents more flexibility, reduce stress, and increase autonomy in making life decisions, especially with respect to family and parental leave.

Under the new policy, two weeks of additional leave time per year can be provided if ABEM’s traditionally allowed six weeks of absence have already been used for parental, caregiver, or personal medical leave and the resident’s program director attests that competency has been achieved without an extension of training. Additionally, maximum training time per academic year must not exceed 50 weeks of training to ensure at least two weeks away from training per academic year, and a minimum of 30 weeks of EM training is required during the final year of residency.

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