EUFAC Meets for the First Time

Oct 28, 2020

September 10-11 marked the inaugural meeting of Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Fellowship Accreditation Council (EUFAC), the organization that will approve training programs for the Focused Practice Designation in Advanced EM Ultrasonography. Council members received an orientation and reviewed the program requirements.

Council Members

John Bailitz, M.D.

Creagh T. Boulger, M.D., Chair-Elect

Katharine M. Burns, M.D.

Kristin A. Carmody, M.D.

Sara Damewood, M.D., Chair

Joshua Guttman, M.D.

Lawrence Haines, M.D.

Teresa Liu, M.D.

Melissa Myers, M.D.

Robert J. Strony, D.O. 

Romolo Gaspari, M.D., Founding Director

Sabine Gifford, CAE, Executive Director

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