ABEM Exploring Options for Fall Oral Exams

Feb 03, 2021

ABEM is working to provide those who passed the Qualifying Exam in 2020 with an opportunity to take the Oral Certification Exam in 2021. ABEM will provide information about fall dates by no later than the end of February, and assignments for the fall will be given by May 1.

ABEM values the Oral Exam as part of the process to become ABEM certified and has invested in pivoting our delivery to meet physician needs. We recognize the frustration that many individuals, including Emergency Medicine candidates and physicians, are experiencing due to COVID-19. Please know we are focused on providing all candidates the opportunity to become certified as soon as possible without compromising the value of certification. 

The ABEM Board is committed to providing the opportunity to take the Oral Certification Exam in 2021 to all who were affected by the postponed exams in 2020.

While the exam format has pivoted to virtual, the exam is administered by clinically active Emergency Medicine physician volunteers, who are also under scheduling constraints and high demands with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The ABEM Board of Directors is aggressively exploring options for the fall Oral Certification Examinations. More information about the Oral Exam administrations in Fall 2021 will be provided in February.

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