Flexibility For Your Annual Fee

Oct 13, 2022
annual fee

ABEM physicians in a 5-year certification cycle now pay an annual fee for their certification.

Rather than having to pay individually for MyEMCert modules and certification activities, physicians pay an annual fee, which spreads payments evenly over the certification cycle.

Physicians can pay the annual fee for all 5 years of certification in one lump sum during the first year of their 5-year certification or make annual payments. The fee can be paid at any time during the year. However, the fee must be paid in order to access continuing certification activities.

The annual fee is a requirement to maintain your certification. You will have an annual fee for any ABEM certification currently in a 5-year cycle. The annual fee applies to your 1st ABEM certification, as well as a discounted annual fee for any 2nd ABEM certification. Any additional certifications through ABEM would then have no fee. Fees may be subject to change.

ABEM implemented the 5-year certification cycle and annual fee, in 2021, which physicians will transition to when they next recertify or as they initially become certified.




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