ABEM's Stakeholder Advisory Group

May 16, 2023

ABEM certification affects physicians, consumers, patient advocates, credentialers, medical educators, and more. Input from all stakeholders is critical to the review of the process for emergency physicians to become certified.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group is made up of individuals nominated from a wide variety of backgrounds, including physicians, patient advocates, and medical educators. Members of the group provide input and guidance to ABEM’s Becoming Certified Initiative. 

During its first meeting as a permanent committee of the Board, members of the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) received an orientation; reviewed the Group’s charter; received updates on the DEI action plan, the Value Campaign pilot, and the actions of the Becoming Certified Task Force; and discussed ABEM’s Strategic Assessment. The Group was charged with reviewing the DEI action plan, making suggestions for revisions, and identifying their top five priorities. The meeting was led by Directors and Co-Chairs, Wallace A. Carter, M.D., and Hala Durrah, M.T.A.

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SAG members

Updated June 7, 2023


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