ABEM Developing Learning Opportunities for Emergency Physicians to Meet the DEA Substance and Opioid Use Disorder CME Requirements

May 22, 2023

COMING SOON! The American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) is developing two new modules covering Substance and Opioid Use Disorders. The modules will be offered as an added benefit to ABEM-certified physicians and will assist physicians in meeting the new DEA requirements for CME on SUD/OUD. ABEM plans to launch the modules this summer.

  • ABEM-certified physicians have free access to the modules if they are up to date on their annual certification fee. 
  • ABEM is hoping to collaborate with AAEM and ACEP to provide low-cost CME as an option for each module when you register.
  • Between 2-4 CME credits will be available depending on which module you take.
  • The CME credits for these modules can be applied toward the new DEA requirement.
  • These modules will not count as part of ABEM certification requirements but are optional learning opportunities.
  • Taking the current Social and Behavioral Health MyEMCert module can also earn 2 CME credits toward your DEA requirement immediately. These 2 credits are available now if you took the module and opted for CME credits. The credits are on the CME certificate available for download from your ABEM portal.  


Module Content

Both modules are intended to provide pragmatic, practice-changing information that will result in improved emergency care. Resources and learning materials will be shared within the module, followed by an assessment.

  • Substance Use Disorder

    Approximately 40 questions
    This module will review general principles of substance use disorder and focus on the use of alcohol, cannabis, stimulant, and nicotine use.

  • Opioid Use Disorder
    Approximately 20 questions
    This module will review pain management in the ED, opioid use disorder, management of opioid overdose and withdrawal, and medications used to treat opioid use disorder (including naltrexone, buprenorphine, and methadone) and overdose (e.g., naloxone). 


Taking the Modules

ABEM-certified physicians will access the new modules through their ABEM Portal. Check back soon for updates and the launch of these valuable learning opportunities.



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