Does Your EM Certification Expire in 2023 or 2028?

Oct 20, 2023

If so, you have requirements due to remain certified or to meet requirements to be "participating in continuing certification."


✔ Check if you have requirements to complete before December 31.

If your requirements are complete, your certification will renew for five years AFTER your current certification expires on December 31.

Your certificate’s expiration date will remain the same in your ABEM portal; it will change January 1, if you have met all requirements.


For physicians with 10-year certifications, you have requirements due December 31, 2023:

✔ Attest to 1 Improvement in Medical Practice activity 
Pass 4 Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment tests

If you do not complete these requirements, you will not lose your certification, but will have the status of “not participating in continuing certification.”

How do I check my requirements?

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Questions? Contact staycertified@abem.org or 517-332-4800, option 2.



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