ABEM Recognizes Physicians Achieving 30 Years of Board Certification

May 31, 2024

30-Year Certificate LogoABEM recognizes physicians who, as of December 31, 2023, have marked 30 years of being board certified in Emergency Medicine. Because board certification is a voluntary process, this landmark accomplishment reflects a dedication to the specialty of Emergency Medicine, a commitment to continuous professional development, and the long-standing provision of compassionate, quality care to all patients.

To maintain their ABEM certification for 30 years, physicians must participate in continuing professional development and learning in the specialty. The ABEM continuing certification process assists certified physicians to keep current on medical advances and provides opportunities for practice improvement.

ABEM salutes these physicians for their dedication to the specialty, their recognition of the value of board certification, and their commitment to caring for acutely ill and injured patients. A special certificate will be mailed to each of these physicians to recognize and honor them. ABEM-certified physicians are among the finest health care providers in the United States. Each of them exemplifies the ABEM mission, “To ensure the highest standards in the specialty of Emergency Medicine.”

A list of the 228 physicians who reached this milestone in 2023 is available here.


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