• Communication / Professionalism Activity

    Increasingly, emergency physicians are required to be evaluated through a patient experience of care feedback process. As part of the American Board of Medical Specialty (ABMS) requirements for member boards’ Maintenance of Certification (MOC) programs, diplomates must use an experience of care survey that measures physician behaviors from the three categories listed below.

    Diplomates may use any formal method of assessing communication skills including patient surveys, interviews, or focus groups, administered at the institutional, departmental, or individual level. Some patient feedback methods that may meet ABEM requirements include Press-Ganey, CAHPS/HCAHPS, and MAPPS. However, not all hospitals use a patient experience of care survey. ABEM has developed a survey form that is an adaptation of the CAHPS Clinician and Group Survey and Reporting Kit 2008. Diplomates who do not have access to an existing survey may download the form and use to fulfill their ABEM MOC APP Communication/Professionalism requirement. Click here for more information about the ABEM patient experience of care survey form.

    At least ten of the diplomate’s patients must be included. A minimum of one physician behavior must be measured from each of the following three categories:

    1. Communications/listening, for example
    * Communicate clearly with patients and other medical staff by listening carefully and couching language at the appropriate level for the listener

    2. Providing information, for example
    * Explain the clinical impression and anticipated management course to the patient and the patient’s family
    * Provide information about tests and procedures
    * Give the patient options

    3. Showing concern for the patient, for example
    * Show respect to the patient and other medical staff
    * Make the patient feel comfortable by asking if they have any questions or concerns and act to address their concerns
    * Ask the patient about adequate pain relief

    See a Sample CP Online Attestation Form.