External Organization Application Approval Process and Instructions

The American Board of Emergency Medicine Maintenance of Certification program (ABEM MOC) is an American Board of Medical Specialties MOC program. All physicians certified by ABEM must participate in the MOC program to maintain their certification. 

One component of the program, Assessment of Practice Performance (APP), requires physicians who are clinically active to improve their practice following four generally accepted steps of practice improvement. Those steps are:

    1. Review clinical care data from at least ten of the physician’s patients with the same clinical issue (fewer than ten is acceptable for important clinical issues of lower prevalence and higher acuity).
    2. Compare the data to evidence-based guidelines or other available benchmarks.
    3. Implement a plan to improve the practice issue measured in Step #1.
    4. After implementing the improvement plan, review patient clinical care data for the same clinical issue from an additional ten of the physician’s patients (again, fewer than ten patients is acceptable for important high acuity/low volume clinical issues).

Physicians certified by ABEM may design and execute their own improvement efforts, or participate in group improvement efforts provided that their own patients are included in the data. 

In addition, physicians may participate in externally developed practice improvement modules or other activities that ABEM has pre-approved to receive credit toward their ABEM practice improvement requirements. 

Organizations that wish to receive ABEM approval for activities or modules they have developed that meet the ABEM criteria may complete and submit an application form at any time. 

ABEM Criteria for Approving Externally Developed APP Activities

Externally Developed APP Activities: FAQ (PDF)

Externally Developed APP Activities: Application Form (Word)

If you have a question, please send an email to moc@abem.org or call 517.332.4800 ext. 329.