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    The primary goal of LLSA is to promote continuous learning by diplomates.  ABEM facilitates this learning by identifying an annual set of LLSA readings to guide diplomates in self-study of recent EM literature.  Readings are intended to address issues of relevance to current clinical practice at the time they are posted.  ABEM recognizes that EM is an ever-evolving science and that new knowledge becomes available on a continual basis.

    LLSA readings are designed as study tools and should be read critically. They are not intended to be all-inclusive and are not meant to define the standard of care for the clinical practice of EM. ABEM does not endorse a specific research finding or treatment modality--including off label use of medications--by virtue of its being the subject of a selected LLSA reading. Likewise, ABEM is mindful of the potential for real or perceived conflicts of interest in professional literature and makes a conscious effort to account for this in its LLSA reading selections.

    Links to Archived Reading Lists

    A new LLSA test is published each year on April 1, and remains online for three years from the date of publication.  In the past, when a test was retired, the associated reading list was also retired and was no longer available online.  However, the Board of Directors now allows some physicians who missed LLSA test requirements during certification to access those tests if they meet certain criteria.

    The links to archived reading lists below are provided only as a reference for physicians who have met the criteria set by the Board of Directors.  Please note, however, that once an LLSA test becomes inactive, ABEM no longer maintains the associated reading list.  Unlike reading lists that are associated with active LLSA tests, which often contain links to articles, the archived reading lists contain no such links.  It is the responsibility of the physician taking a retired LLSA test to procure the articles.

    Archived Reading Lists

    2004 Reading List
    2005 Reading List
    2006 Reading List
    2007 Reading List
    2008 Reading List
    2009 Reading List
    2010 Reading List
    2011 Reading List
    2012 Reading List
    2013 Reading List
    2014 Reading List

    Current LLSA Reading Lists