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Becoming Certified Task Force 

ABEM is convening the Becoming Certified Task Force to examine all aspects of the process for emergency physicians to become certified. Informed by the Stakeholder Advisory Group and input from stakeholders like you, this Task Force will assess and potentially redesign a contemporary process for emergency physicians to become certified.   

The purpose of initial certification is to honor the public trust placed in the specialty by independently verifying that an emergency physician has the capacity to provide high-quality care.

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Initiative Goals

  • Review the current initial certification process
  • Get input and feedback from the stakeholders in the specialty
  • Identify problems/challenges as well as opportunities
  • Understand the future of assessment and what stakeholders value
  • Understand what should be assessed, what ABEM standards mean, and how those standards impact training and education
  • Make recommendations on the initial certification process to the ABEM Board of Directors
Members of the Becoming Certified Task Force

Becoming Certified Summit

Multiple stakeholders met in Chicago on March, 24, to collaboratively explore the future of Emergency Medicine, and develop ideas to improve the ABEM certification process. Read more


Stakeholder Advisory Group

ABEM certification affects physicians, consumers, patient advocates, credentialers, medical educators, and more. Input from all stakeholders is critical to the review of the process for emergency physicians to become certified.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group is made up of individuals nominated from a wide variety of backgrounds—including physicians, patient advocates, medical educators, and more. Members of the group provide input and guidance to ABEM’s Becoming Certified Initiative. 

Members of the Stakeholder Advisory Group

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The purpose of initial certification is to objectively and independently confirm that physicians who complete an Emergency Medicine residency demonstrate core knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to practice Emergency Medicine at the highest standards.

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Task Force Members

    Diane Gorgas, M.D., Chair; Felix Ankel, M.D.; J. Dave Barry, M.D.; *Wallace A. Carter, M.D.; *Hala Durrah, M.T.A.; Kim Feldhaus, M.D.; Jim Thomas, M.D.
    *Co-Chairs of Stakeholder Advisory Group

    Senior Advisors: Carl Chudnofsky, M.D.; Deepi Goyal, M.D.; Mary Nan Mallory, M.D., M.B.A.