Who is ABEM Certified?

Certification by the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) is an important accomplishment for most emergency physicians. Certification demonstrates the physician’s expertise in Emergency Medicine and is needed to practice in many hospitals.

ABEM issues certificates and designates physicians who complete the initial certification process as diplomates of the American Board of Emergency Medicine. ABEM diplomates participate in the ABEM Maintenance of Certification Program to maintain their certification. ABEM strives to ensure that its certification processes are fair, valid, and reliable.

Physicians must be ABEM board eligible to seek initial certification in Emergency Medicine. See the full description of ABEM Board Eligibility and related procedures.

ABEM will verify whether a physician is an ABEM diplomate. ABEM will also provide information on a physician’s status within the credentialing or examination process if the request includes a signed release from the physician.

How to Verify a Physician's Board Certification Status

  • Online

  • Verbal

  • Email

  • Written