Medical Toxicology Subboard Meets

May 07, 2020

The Medical Toxicology Subboard met December 5-6, 2019. In addition to its annual item writing training session and review of examination items, the Subboard approved the 2021 LLSA reading list and recognized the service of Michael G. Holland, M.D., whose term on the Subboard ended on December 31, 2019. The Subboard also elected Robert G. Hendrickson, M.D., as Chair-Elect.

Pictured left to right, standing: ABPM Liaison Christopher J. Ondrula, Esq.; Andrew I. Stolbach, M.D.; Joshua G. Schier, M.D.; Robert G. Hendrickson, M.D.; Michael I. Greenberg, M.D.; Michael G. Holland, M.D.; Theodore C. Bania, M.D.; and ABEM Liaison Lewis S. Nelson, M.D.  Seated: Carl R. Baum, M.D.; Diane P. Calello, M.D.; and Tammi H. Schaeffer, D.O.  Not pictured: ABP Liaison Suzanne K. Woods, M.D.

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