New MyEMCert Learning Opportunity! Resuscitation Module

Feb 10, 2023

Updated November 9, 2023

Emergency Medicine Resuscitation Module 

ABEM has launched a new Emergency Medicine Resuscitation Module. The primary goal of this module is to enhance physician knowledge, skills, and abilities in the evaluation and practice of resuscitation for newborn, child, and adult populations. 

ABEM is making this module content available to increase the value of your certification and offer additional opportunities for you to stay current in the practice of Emergency Medicine.

The module is currently optional and has no additional cost to physicians. Physicians have the opportunity to take this module to improve their knowledge and skills in resuscitation as well as to potentially meet local medical staff requirements to be proficient in the care of the critically ill or injured patient. ABEM is working to promote this module as a way to fulfill state and local requirements. There is currently no cost for the Resuscitation module for ABEM-certified physicians, and it is not an ABEM requirement. Taking the EM Resuscitation module does not count as one of the 4 current MyEMCert modules physicians need to pass every 5 years. 

In addition to ABEM-certified physicians, the Resuscitation module is available to residents, physicians who are in the initial certification process; and to those who are subspecialty certified by ABEM with primary certification by another ABMS Board; to find out how to access, please contact ABEM at 517-332-4800, option 2 or staycertified@abem.org.

Take the Resuscitation Module 

Resuscitation Module Highlights

  • Structured the same as MyEMCert modules
  • Approximately 50 questions
  • Online
  • Open book
  • Immediate feedback
Includes content on the following topic areas: 
  • evaluation and resuscitation for all ages
  • assessment and stabilization of trauma patients
  • obstetric, critical care medicine topics relevant to emergency physicians
  • relevant hospice and palliative medicine topics

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